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Greek Coffee – Lightly Roarted

Greek Coffee – Lightly Roarted
Greek Coffee – Lightly Roarted
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Coffee prepared in grinders with special rocks turning it to a powder. Roasted in three stages and packaged in four combinations (Greek Coffee, Greek with a bit of Dark Roast, Dark and Lightly Roasted). It is our basic product and its recipe dates back to 1890. The widely recognizable roast lever you may have come across is the Medium (And called blond in almost all other shops which do not make any lighter roasts).

Greek Coffee should be bought and stored in quantities able to be consumed in approximately two weeks after the packaging is opened. The sealed packages can be safely stored for up to 18th months after purchase. Sealed and open packages must be stored in the shade, in a dry place without any temperature extremes. The main danger lies in surrounding smells! You should avoid storing coffee close to spices and/or the refrigerator or freezer.

Instructions: Chose the quantity of coffee you desire for the taste intensity relevant to the cup you will use. We suggest 1 full tea spoon per 20ml small cup with your choice and quantity of sweetener in normal temperature water. Place your pot on the heating source and stir the mixture every few seconds. When you will hear the first simmering noise, before reaching the boiling point, you stir one last time. When it starts boiling and the foam is still thick there are two options. 1st: When your coffee starts swelling and the foam is still thick, you take it off the heating source and you fill your cup. 2nd: You do the same, but you put the foam in your cup and you return your pot to the heating source for it to boil again. Then you fill your cup. In this second option you will enjoy a bit more of the foam at the top but you might also encounter a bit of the coffee that would fall in the residue at the bottom of our cup.

Enjoy your Coffee!